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October 11th, 2024 - Safety and PPE Training (2 Hour Online - Mtn Time)

October 11, 2024 9am - 11am

Join our comprehensive class on effective safety procedures and PPE protocols.

Course Content:

- Health and Safety focus on all job sites.

- Explanation of OSHA and IICRC standards for technician and occupant safety.

- Exploration of known and unknown risks and hazards on site.

- Deep dive into PPE and how to properly use and maintain your PPE.

You will learn how to approach each loss with a comprehensive health and safety focus. This course focuses on the technician. The technician is the greatest resource and asset on any job. It is important that they know how to protect themselves.

This course is great for new owners and water damage technicians looking to improve their job site skills. Join us for $150 per attendee. (9:00 am - 11:00 am Mtn Time)