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Restoration Made Simple can not wait for our 2 Day Technician Boot Camp for restoration owners and technicians that is coming up soon, April 18th to April 19th. We are thrilled to have you learn and develop new skills to help you communicate, document, and innovate in your field.

Restoration can be a stressful and challenging experience for homeowners, businesses, and insurance companies. As a technician, it is your job to help restore the property to its pre-damaged condition as quickly and efficiently as possible. Effective communication, documentation, and innovation are key factors in achieving this goal. Read on to learn more,...

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At Restoration Made Simple, we’re in the business of helping you boost yours. Any business owner knows that scaling their company from the ground up is tough, especially in competitive industries like restoration. That’s why we not only offer comprehensive consultation services and training courses, but we also publish regular blogs packed with tips that can help you succeed. Today we’re covering four things you should know to scale your restoration business — read on to learn more, then contact us with any questions!


If you're a startup or new business owner, you’re well aware that running daily operations and keeping track of long-term goals is no easy task. There are a million and a half things to think about and keep track of, and it can be tough to keep everything organized and running smoothly. That's where a restoration consultant can help!

A restoration consultant from our Restoration Made Simple small business consulting services can help your operation navigate through and recover from damage, have the right equipment, and hire the right professionals. Our team members will work with you to assess your business’ current status and develop a plan. Learn more about why you should...

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Whether you just started your own restoration business or you’ve been working in the industry for years, you may not be aware of the next best steps to grow your company. Many restoration business owners know their tool bags like the back of their hands, but they struggle to generate leads and propel their business forward. If you’re looking for ways to find more customers and increase your revenue, Restoration Made Easy can help! Continue reading or contact us to discover how!

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If you’re an independent contractor, you know that growing your business is difficult. Becoming the contractor of choice in your own neighborhood was hard enough, which is why so many business owners are hesitant to expand their operations to the city, state, and national level. Fortunately, Restoration Made Easy has the small business consulting services you need to blow up your contracting business with ease! Read on or contact us to learn more!

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Countless individuals are attempting to start their own business these days, and it’s not hard to see why. The promise of complete autonomy, high profits, and minimal effort is indeed enticing. The restoration industry in particular is drawing the attention of countless contractors, but starting a restoration business is not as effortless as it seems. Today, Restoration Made Easy is here to help you determine whether this venture is right for you!


Whether you are a business startup or a long-term business owner, one of the top questions on many owners' minds is how to grow your business. From marketing to employee recruitment, many necessary tools must be in place to see steady profit growth. One of the best ways to ensure your business is using all these tools to your advantage is to enlist the help of a small business consulting service.

At Restoration Made Simple, we specialize in helping owners navigate small business challenges, increase profits, and build better teams! Keep reading to learn more about our restoration consulting services and how we can benefit your business. Contact us today to get started maximizing your business potential.


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